Environmentally friendly haulage for the north west and nationwide

With over 50 years’ experience in providing haulage services across our home area of Cheshire as well as elsewhere in the UK, Farrall’s recognise the importance of developing the services we offer, and of recognising the “bigger picture”. A key element of this awareness comes from an understanding of our environmental responsibility, and in reducing the impact our north west-based haulage and warehousing services have on the environment.

In an increasingly industralised and automated age, Farrall’s believe in being accountable for the mark we make on the world, and to this end we do everything we can to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible, without compromising the quality or efficiency of the services we provide. When Ashton – the village where our main office and warehouses are based – announced its intention to become England’s first carbon neutral village, Farrall’s were eager to be involved.

Continuous investment in the condition and quality of our distribution fleet means that we remain at the cutting edge of environmentally friendly UK haulage. The choices we make have a direct impact on the results we achieve: aerodynamic trailers keep things running smoothly, while our Volvo vehicles are maintained and services to the highest possible Euro Rating.

Transport that is driven by technology

Of course, key to the success of any UK courier service is its ability to plan the right routes for every journey. Here, too, Farrall’s are ahead of the rest. Our fleet telematics system, Dynafleet, allows us to reduce our fuel consumption by finding the most energy efficient routes to our delivery destinations, whilst combining loads marked for delivery in similar areas. Combining state-of-the-art planning technology with common sense, Dynafleet ensures that we offer an environmentally aware haulage service for North Wales, Cheshire, Manchester and the north west.

In addition, our status as founder-members of the Palletforce network, offers our clients yet another way to get goods from A to B whilst considering the world we live in: sharing loads and saving millions of transport miles every year, this network has revolutionised the haulage industry and allows companies to work together in reducing their carbon footprint.