Farrall’s are proud to be a founder-member of Palletforce, which surely ranks as one of the best-known, not to mention best all-round, pallet distribution networks in the UK. This centralised distribution and transport service allows you to get your goods to their destination efficiently and cost-effectively, thanks to a comprehensive network of over 100 strategically-located depots around the country, all of which deliver to a central hub and then collect consignments for delivery in their own areas.

From a single pallet delivery, through to larger loads and part-loads, the Palletforce distribution system allows for huge quantities of goods to be shipped nationwide and even into Europe, at far more cost-effective rates than conventional courier and transport methods.

Palletforce services across Cheshire, North Wales, and nationwide

As the postcode members for Palletforce in Cheshire and North Wales, Farrall’s understand the many benefits that this centralised service can bring. Palletforce is owned by its members, so everyone takes an equal responsibility in maintaining a high standard of service and customer care. Indeed, Farrall’s have won the prestigious Depot of the Year award a massive seven times – an award recognising the commitment and loyalty of our staff in upholding the Palletforce principles. When you commission the services of Palletforce in Cheshire, North Wales or anywhere else, your satisfaction will always be paramount.

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The practical benefits of using the Palletforce service from Farrall’s are clear, but making this choice for your distribution needs has another, more subtle advantage. The centralised nature of Palletforce means that it represents a far more environmentally sound way to ship goods nationwide. Instead of numerous small consignments taking up space and fuel on the roads, Palletforce ensures that fewer vehicles are required to deliver more loads. It’s a simple principle, but an environmentally responsible one – and an idea that Farrall’s are proud to uphold.

Visit the Palletforce website here.

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