The History Of
Distribution solutions built on
over half a century's expertise
Eddie Farrall
showed signs of being
an entrepreneur from
the age of 9, when he
built himself a goat
cart and started
selling sticks
Eddie and Joan Farrall
founded the business in Mickle Trafford,
living in a caravan and operating
an O' Type Bedford
The Bedford was later sold
and a more robust Seddon
was purchased
A small move to Barrow
and the first new truck,
a Thames Trader,
was purchased
Joan and Eddie had their first son,
Mike, and the business moved to
Church Road, Ashton
Eddie came off the road
to build a workshop and run
a traffic office. The fleet now at
6 vehicles and more children
on the scene, one being
Mark Farrall
Fleet has grown to 16 vehicles,
Mercedes now introduced into
the fleet and a Transport Manager,
Ron Parkinson joined the business
Mark left school
and joined the family
business in the workshop
After servicing a motor vehicle
apprenticeship Mike joined the
company as a HGV Driver
Ian Capper-Moore
joined the company,
he followed a path
through the workshop,
HGV driver, traffic office
and is now Group
Transport Manager
for the company
Major fire at the depot
as 6 vehicles were
Depot moved
across the village
from Church Road
to Ashton Lane,
Ashton. Creating a
new workshop and
warehouse facility
Elaine, Mike's wife, started
working in the business in
the accounts department.
Founders, Joan
and Eddie, retire
The business joins the
Transport Association
A big decision was made to join
Palletforce, becoming a founder member
Paul Mather joined as a HGV Driver,
was quickly deployed to the traffic office
and is now Commercial Manager
Farrall's joins Linq Alliance
The first major warehouse
was purchased on Deeside
Industrial Estate
Matthew Farrall joined the
business full time as
I.T & Marketing Manager
after many years of gaining
experience in all areas
on a part-time basis
Farrall's starts a joint venture business
with fellow haulage operator
Fagan & Whalley Ltd
to create FFW Ltd,
a dynamic 4PL
Farrall's invests £3.5m in new
Deeside warehousing facility
adding a 80,000sq ft distribution
centre to our portfolio
Mike Farrall steps up to
Chairman of the business
After joining in 2011
Katharine Farrall is
appointed Finance Director
60th Year in business
celebration party held,
with a "Farrall's Festive"
vintage fair theme
Farrall's refreshes brand
identity to represent their
growth and diversity within
the logistics industry, forming
Farrall's Group
New semi-automated storage
solution is installed at Deeside
with a global leading WMS
powered by Jungheinrich
Matthew and
Katharine Farrall
become joint
Managing Directors
Farrall's Group complete
the purchase of
Edge's Electrical
Success continues...