We care passionately about our carbon footprint. Our team are continually looking at reducing and improving our environmental emissions output.

We believe in not only providing efficient transport schedules and being smart in how we operate, but we can also drive innovation in the transport industry by being the market leading environmental logistics business through our focus on technology.

We are currently exploring Hybrid and Bio fuel alternatives to traditional methods of powering our commercial vehicles, watch this space its going to be exciting!


Our target footprint is not just to be green, it's to be efficiently lean and take ownership of our planets trees.

We don't want to just minimise CO2 emissions, we want to erase them completely.

Intelligent sustainability

Responsibility for our environment is something we take very seriously at the Farrall’s Group. As a logistics business, we believe we have a duty of care to set the standards other businesses should follow in providing a sustainable road map of carbon emission management. We know we can make a difference. At the Farrall’s Group, how are we managing our carbon logistics footprint? The answer is simple, we use the best technology in the industry to track, monitor and synchronise schedules that help us minimise our carbon footprint. From efficient route planning to operating a paperless system, these are just a few of the measures we take in order to control our carbon footprint. We welcome discussions on advancing new technologies and systems that can help us become the most environmentally friendly business in our industry. We all have a responsibility to look after our environment and we are extremely conscious we must set a responsible example for all to follow.

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